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Rustock Craft is a Vanilla server, what is survival. You can build loads of stuff on rustock craft. This server is a kind server what accepts the EULA on minecraft

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Staff Application Format

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1 Staff Application Format on Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:02 pm


Hello, This is the new official staff application format.
Please do not copy other peoples applications, If so this would be a automatic Denied application.
Lets get started.

In Game Username:


How long have you been on Rustock Craft? :

When are you often on the server? :

Have you ever been banned on any server ( Including Rustock Craft ) ? :

Have you ever been staff on any server. ? :

Are you staff on any server ? ( If so, Ip Please. ) :

Do you have discord and a microphone? ( for interview ect... ) ? :

Whats the main reason you want to join Rustock Craft's staff team?

Anything we should know? :

If you want help with the application in the way you may get accepted. Please go on the "Good Application Guide "

Rustock Craft Owner.

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