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Rustock Craft is a Vanilla server, what is survival. You can build loads of stuff on rustock craft. This server is a kind server what accepts the EULA on minecraft

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In Game rules

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1 In Game rules on Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:28 pm


[b]Hello, These are the guidelines of the rules on Rustock Craft servers.

A. Behaviour Towards Staff - The staff members on this server are here to enforce these rules. We ask that you respect to them at all time .

B. Advertising - Advitizing on non-RusticCraft topics are not tollerated on the server.

C. Impersonation of Another Player or Staff - we ask that you do not impersonate other players, or staff members whether that be through name changes, or other forms of impersonation as to avoid confusion.

D. Cursing and swearing - Rustock Craft is suitable to all ages. We do advise you to be nice to eachother and be happy. If this would happen this would include a temp ban for 1 week and 5 days.

E. Racism - Racism in any form is not tolerated on this server. If there are reports regarding this by players or seen by staff with evidence.

F. Sexual Harassment & Death Threats - In order to protect all players, anyone who is caught giving a death threat, or sexually harassing another player will be subjected to a permanent ban.

G. Respect - Just like rules regarding the behaviour towards staff, please also respect all players on the server, the forums, and the Discord server. If there are any problems between you and another player and you're unable to sort it out between yourselves, please contact a staff member to help sort out the issue.

A. Chat rules - Please keep in mind, that the chat rules (regarding bypassing, sexual harassment etc) from the general rules apply in game too. Spamming and/or flooding the chat on the server is not allowed.

B. Illegal behaviours - The following behaviours are not allowing on VanillaVerse, and are punishable by a temporary or permanent ban from the server.
Griefing / Stealing - This includes placing or removing blocks or items on another player’s build without their permission, claiming areas belonging to other players without their permission, breaking another player’s crops without permission, killing their animals, stealing from their chests etc. This still applies if the area is unclaimed, but has clear signs of someone living there. If you notice that you have been griefed, or stolen from, please create a ticket (refer here) or contact an online staff member.
Trapping & Killing
Player traps are any form of trap that renders players unable to escape. These traps could potentially harm, or end up killing the player. This also involves using water or lava to kill a player who has PVP disabled, or mining blocks beneath a player, causing them to take fall damage.
Hacking & Disallowed Client Modifications
Any form of hacking (hacked clients, X-Ray mod etc) is not allowed on the server. If a player is caught doing illegal activities with another player that's hacking, it will still be counted as hacking, and is a bannable offence. For a list of allowed & disallowed modifications, refer to the post here.

C. Trading - When trading items with another player, you can perform the /trade command in game. If two players agree that one of them would pay for another player to do work for them (i.e Mine a large area) and promised payment in return, it is advised that you screenshot this agreement before any work has been done. Failure to deliver the promised payment after the work has been done will result in a temporary ban.

D. Account Responsibility - Your account, is your responsibility. This means that any griefs that have been done via your account, will result in that account being banned.

E. Visiting Another Player - When you visit another player’s area, there may be times when the owner of the area asks you to leave.

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